What is face reading

Face reading is about reading the patterns in our face. These patterns tell us something about our past, where we are right now and where we are going. Our facial features such as nose, cheeks, chin, eyes etc. tells us something about what we need to be happy. Our features reveal our unique potential and all the way down to the smallest wrinkle says the face something about ourselves.


What are the benefits

When you receive an indiviual reading you are working on self development.

But with this kind of reading you can also improve your communication skills with other people such as collegues, family members or people we do not know.

By looking at a picture of a person I would be able to tell you something about this persons patterns and personality. This would give us an insight and understanding of this person which we can use to improve our communication skills with this person.

In the United States this kind of analysis is used by the FBI and it is also used by lawyers to select members of the jury in the judicial system. HR people are also using this analysis to select the right kandidate for the job.

This reading of our caracter has a very broad use which makes it such an exciting tool.



  • Find your inner nature
  • Reach your potential
  • Know your strengths